The NeverEnding Story: Digital & Social Media Programs

Fostering creativity, $2K at a time
Fostering creativity, $2K at a time

This is the second set of note regarding the social media framework I’m building with Rock&Social.

In the previous post we have defined Business Objectives, now we want to define a set of digital and social media Programs that will be used to answer specific objectives. In a subsequent posts I will link specific business objective with a series of tracks, and later on detail each track from a planning perspective (timelines, budgets, strategic impact, etc.).

Following is a list of digital programs (in no particular order). The 201, is a more advanced version of the 101 and usually has several other programs as prerequisites. Essentially, the goal of this framework is to create an easy model of detecting digital planning solutions to business objectives.

See the programs as iterative projects (or operations), in need of regular monitoring and update in order to attain the business objectives.


Digital business model and objectives 101, 201
Optimize the business model to include the digital and social opportunities. Determine the business objectives, metrics, success business cases and acquire business leaders’ approval. Approve the budget and the roadmap to attain the determined business objectives.

Social business culture 101, 201
Determine the roadmap for creating a social business culture

Digital planning and social operations 101
Determine how the digital and social objective will be accomplished – internal operations, external operations, budgets, planning, etc.

Social media policies & governance 101
Create the social media policies and regulations, legal approvals, determine the stakeholders, etc.

Digital analytics & monitoring 101
Get the right tools and procedures in place – determine the reporting format, create a crisis plan, stakeholder analysis

Digital and social media framework strategy and implementation 101, 201
Ensure all the digital is strategically connected and optimized

Sales funnel 101
Set up sales funnel strategy and tools, include the digital and social to the existing sales funnel.

Build community 101, 201
Determine the community platform (FB, forum, subreddit), community building tactics, promotional, newsletters, convert current consumers, community value proposition (push&pull)

Build community engagement 101, 201
Content planning, community management, tactics and metrics

Advanced sales based operations 201
POS, Event, Mobile, FB, e-commerce tactics

Likeliness to recommend 101, 201
Determine the factors that influence the likeliness to recommend, implement the proper tools, and develop the communication program to increase L2R.

Social brand awareness building 101
Determine the factors that influence the brand awareness, benchmark against competition, monitor and implement the necessary advertising campaigns to build awareness.

Customer social support 101, 201
Build the customer support processes and implement a technological solution, provide a training program.

Social CRM 101
Create customer relationship objectives, procure and implement a technological solution, provide a training program.

Create a social media department
Validate the business needs, plan, fund, build a social media department.

The previous programs are examples meat to create a better understanding of what it takes to attain a specific business objective. More in the following post.

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