4 Digital Principles

The 4 Elements
The 4 Elements

Here are a couple basic digital principles I try implementing whenever I head a digital group.

1.  Strategy integration

This is a concentrated effort to involve digital at the brand strategy and messaging level. A simple multichannel plan detailing what the optimal channels are and messages to reach the target audience is usually enough to provide some perspective and understanding.

2. Marketing automation

We ask : how can we leverage technology and automated processes to build efficiencies and eliminate redundancies and errors? This might include project management softwares and reporting, campaign tracking or implementation of holistic technology frameworks.

3. Analytics and performance

This one is a no brainer. Most agencies have some sort of analytics and performance KPIs. The emphasis should be put on creating top level dashboards, finding direct causation between the low level analytics and business KPIs and, of course, in building process cycle that will allow agile optimizations.

4. Actionable Innovation

Innovation is one of those words that doesn’t mean anything anymore. Whenever talking about innovation we should always ask “So what?”. What will the business impact be? How much will it cost? What is the ROI? Is this really innovative? Does it generate a competitive edge?

In order for an agency to thrive and be innovative, a simple innovation framework is usually implemented.

i. opportunity identified
ii. alignment with brand objectives
iii. detailed landscape and technology assessment
iv. innovative opportunity business model
v. integration with client workstreams

These principles are usually used as a soundboard to ensure we’re always on the right track.