Digital Business Planning, A Long and Smarter Road: From your Business Objective to a Tweet

Every Titanic has its iceberg
Every Titanic has her iceberg

Some notes regarding digital strategic planning, data & tactics. Will detail them in the next posts. This might seem complicated. Strategy is about asking the right questions, having the right data and setting the right priorities. Those who take shortcuts on strategy are just lousy tacticians.


  1. Determine the Business Objective
  2. Build a Business Case
  3. Identify the KPIs
  4. Identify the Necessary Programs
  5. Global Plan & Budget
  6. Strategic Creativity Alignment
  7. Determine the Tactics & Creativity Alignment
  8. Build the Conversion Funnel
  9. Specific Plan, Budget & Resources
  10. Execution, Metrics, Iterations
  11. Review


  • Program Maturity Audit
  • Media / Audience  / Touchpoint Ecosystem Audit (owned, earned, bought – analytics)
  • Competition Audit
  • Trend Analysis
  • Current Communication Portfolio
  • Social CRM
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Previous Campaigns Metrics & Lessons Learned


  • Contests
  • Email based
  • Display ads
  • SEO/ SEM
  • Blog
  • Social content
  • Microsites
  • Mobile apps / advertising
  • Social advertising
  • Facebook app
  • Point of sale (physical)
  • Event
  • Affiliate
  • PR
  • Stunt
  • Guerrilla
  • etc

Keeping It Classy: Business Objectives For Digital Planners

Keeping it classy
Keeping it classy

The rapid evolution of digital and social media technologies over the past 10 years generated a dilution of goal of strategic planning in this space. Very often communication and technology professionals take the role of what should be a business discipline. For the past year we have made a conscious shift at Rock&Social to focus almost exclusively on business services and less on basic communication.

I am currently preparing a detailed framework of digital planning. The goal is to present a formalized top-down approach; from the business objectives to the communication tactics. Over the next couple weeks I will post bits and pieces of my research and work-in-progress.

Following is a list of business objectives that should guide the business digital planning. (in no particular order)


Optimize the digital business model
Metrics: build several business cases that prove the viability of using digital opportunities

Build a targeted social media community
Metrics: increase the size of the bull’s eye community (specific number, benchmark on competition, etc).

Increase the social community engagement
Metrics: increase in the community engagement (a series of KPIs like: mentions, interactions with the brand over the social space, call-to-action conversions, etc)

Increase my business’ social awareness
Metrics: increase the number of positive mentions (specific number, benchmark on competition, etc).

Develop a social customer support solution
Metrics: Successfully implement a customer support solution, optimise the operations, train the team, etc.

Increase sales
Metrics: Increase the sales using the new and existing sales funnels (specific number or interval)

Create a social media department
Metrics: Successfully create the departments’ business model, recruit, train, and operate until becoming independent the said department.

Implement a social CRM
Metrics: Successfully implement a social CRM that takes into account the existing customers and the social community. Use this CRM to drive other business objective as to increase sales, return sales, customer engagement, likeliness to recommend, etc.

Increase the likeliness to recommend
Metrics: Increase the likeliness to recommend (over a specific period of time to a specific number, benchmark on competition, etc).

Become a social brand
Metrics: Successfully build an engaged community, strong brand equity and be overall recognized as a social brand (specific KPIs for several variables including mentions, community engagement, likeliness to recommend, benchmarks against competitors, social sales improvements, etc).


These are only a couple of business objectives that should guide the thinking of any business leader and digital planner before any communication tactic is deployed. Looking forward to your comments.